Ad hoc Task Force on NEON Performance and Plans


On behalf of the National Science Board, the ad hoc Task Force on NEON Performance and Plans will receive frequent reports from NSF on the current performance and future plans of the entire NEON project, including NSF management activities, and NEON Inc., including NEON’s management and its Board of Directors.  In so doing, the Task Force will coordinate its oversight and monitoring activities with NSF leadership, other NSF Offices and Board Committees as appropriate, and report regularly to the Board, Board Chairman, Board Executive Committee, and NSF Director.  The Task Force will assist NSF through activities that include but are not limited to reviewing and evaluating NEON-related materials, making suggestions, posing questions, and visiting NEON facilities and sites, including NEON Inc. corporate headquarters, as necessary.  The Task Force does not serve the role of approving or denying NSF actions, or making decisions on behalf of the Board, and will exist until discharged by the Board Chair. 

Ad hoc Task Force Members

Chair: Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier
Vice-Chair Dr. Diane Souvaine

Dr. Bonnie Bassler
Dr. Inez Fung
Dr. Peter LePage
Dr. Carl Lineberger
Dr. Maria Zuber