Resolutions and Statements

NSB Statement on Racism in Science & Engineering NSB-2020-22
NSB Resolution of Thanks to the NSF NSB-2019-4
NSB Statement on Security and Science NSB 2018-42
NSB Resolution on Risk Philosophy and Principles NSB 2018-18
NSB Statement on Global Research and Development Investments NSB 2018-9
NSB Resolution Merit Review August 2017 NSB 2017-32
Resolution on Honoring Dr. Michael Van Woert NSB-2017-6
NSB Resolution on Delegation Award Approval Authority NSB-2017-5
NSB Resolution on Waterman Award NSB 2016-49
NSB Resolution on Recompetition of Ongoing Facilities NSB 2015-46
NSB Statement on Recompetition of Major Facilities NSB 2015-45
NSB Resolution on NSF and the National Interest NSB 15-19
National Science Board statement on FIRST Act NSB-14-26
STEM Education Recommendations to the Obama Administration NSB 09-1
NSB Statement on Competition, Recompetition, and Renewal of NSF Awards NSB 08-16
National Science Board, Committee on Strategy and Budget, Guidance for National Science Foundation, Average Award Size and Duration, and Proposal Success Rate NSB 08-14
Resolution National Science Board Competition and Recompetition of NSF Awards NSB 08-12
Setting Priorities for Large Research Facility Projects Supported by the National Science Foundation NSB 05-77
Long-Lived Digital Data Collections: Enabling Research and Education in the 21st Century NSB 05-40
Report of the National Science Board on the National Science Foundation's Merit Review System. NSB 05-119
Merit Review Report, 2004 NSB 05-12
Broadening Participation in Science and Engineering Faculty NSB 04-41
Broadening Participation in Science and Engineering Research and Education: Workshop Proceedings NSB 04-72
Science and Engineering Indicators 2004 NSB 04-01
A Companion to Science and Engineering Indicators, 2004 NSB-04-07
Statement on Math and Science Partnerships NSB 04-42
Guidelines for Setting Priority for Major Research Facilities NSB 01-204
Statement on Guidelines on Open Communication and Access in Science and Engineering NSB 00-106
Statement on Action of the Kansas Board of Education on Evolution NSB 99-149
Resolution of the National Science Board Approved at its July 29, 1999 Meeting in Commemoration of Congressman George E. Brown, Jr. NSB 99-144
Statement by National Science Board: On the Sharing of Research Data NSB 99-30
National Science Board Resolution on the Proposed National Institute for the Environment, March 19, 1998 NSB 98-65
Resolution on Competition, Recompetition and Renewal of NSF Awards NSB 97-224
Resolution Approved by the National Science Board at Its 342nd Meeting, March 27-28, 1997, Concerning New General Criteria for Merit Review of Proposals NSB 97-72
Resolution Approved by the National Science Board at Its 343rd Meeting, May 7-8, 1997, Concerning Analyses to Assist in the Preparation and Enactment of Federal Budgets for Science and Engineering Research and Education NSB 97-71
Statement on Federal R&D Budget Realignment NSB 95-26