Committee on Programs and Plans (CPP) - Subcommittee on Polar Issues (PI)


Support for research in the Polar regions is a critical element of the National Science Foundation's science and engineering research and education portfolio and the NSF has unique Federal roles in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. An important aspect of these roles, which include a significant international dimension, is NSF provision of transportation and other logistical support for its researchers, often in physically hostile environments. In addition, in the Antarctic, NSF is charged with managing all US activities on the continent as a single, integrated program. The Subcommittee on Polar Issues (PI), reporting to the Committee on Programs and Plans (CPP), provides oversight, guidance, and advice on major policy and operational issues related to the NSF polar research portfolio.

The Polar Issues Subcommittee engages in:

  • Long-range planning for polar research initiatives, including monitoring their development and implementation;

  • Infrastructure planning and consideration of candidates for large infrastructure investments; and

  • Deliberation on opportunities created by new discoveries; joint ventures across Federal agencies or national boundaries; and Administration or Congressional priorities.

Through comprehensive review and discussion, the Subcommittee may submit through CPP informal recommendations for full consideration and Board action on:

  • Proposed awards for NSB approval as required by law and as set forth in the NSB delegation of authority;

  • Programs and major new projects/facilities; and

  • Operational issues involving health, safety and the environment.

SubCommittee Members

Chairman:   Dr. Thomas N. Taylor
Members:   Dr. France A. Córdova
Dr. Alan I. Leshner
Dr. W. Carl Lineberger
Dr. Douglas D. Randall
Dr. Robert J. Zimmer
Executive Secretary: Ms. Adrienne Deitemeyer

NSBO Liaison:

Ms. Kim Silverman