Committee on Honorary Awards (AWD)


The Committee on Honorary Awards (AWD) reviews nominations for two awards established by the Board:

  • The Vannevar Bush Award recognizes an individual who, through public service activities in science and technology, has made an outstanding "contribution toward the welfare of mankind and the Nation"; and
  • The Public Service Award recognizes individuals and organizations who have increased public understanding of science or engineering.   The award may be given to an individual and to a group (company, corporation or organization), but not to employees of the U.S. Government.

The Board also approves the Alan T. Waterman Award, which the NSF Director presents to an outstanding young researcher.

In-depth information on the NSB’s honorary awards is available here:

Committee Members

Chair: Dr. Vicki Chandler

Dr. Deborah Ball
Dr. Vint Cerf
Dr. Inez Fung

Executive Secretary: Ms. Kim L. Silverman



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