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Web Policies and Important Links

The National Science Foundation has adopted a number of policies to ensure that the NSF web site, the NSF Online Document System and the NSF Updates provide accurate, unbiased information about NSF programs and activities to the widest possible audience. For more information or to provide feedback on a specific policy, contact the office listed on the individual policy page. General questions and comments should be directed to the Office of Legislative and Public Affairs (OLPA).


This is a National Science Foundation federal government computer system. Unauthorized attempts to modify any information stored on this system, to defeat or circumvent security features, or to use this system for other than its intended purposes are illegal and may result in disciplinary action, criminal prosecution, or both.


Protecting information is integral to the NSF mission. NSF's Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP) describes the process by which researchers can report potential vulnerabilities related to the Foundation's publicly accessible systems. The NSF VDP outlines what systems and types of research are covered under the policy, how to send NSF vulnerability reports, and the timeframes for NSF acknowledgment and action related to identified vulnerabilities.


NSF has posted OMB-approved National Science Foundation Quality Guidelines. The Data Quality Standards page explains the guidelines and how to request a correction.