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Office of the Director (OD)

Photo of NSF Director Dr. France A. Córdova, Director

Dr. France A. Córdova

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Director's Blog - "Notes from the Field"


We are pleased to have you visit our Web site at the National Science Foundation. We welcome you and hope that your stay with us will allow you to explore some of the many diverse science and engineering programs that the Foundation offers.

About the Office

The Office of the Director houses the Foundation's top leadership, and oversees all Foundation activities from the development of policy priorities to the establishment of administrative and management guidelines, including long-range planning.

The positions of Director and Deputy Director are appointed by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. NSF's statutory authority establishes a six-year term for the Director.

Scheduling Requests

List of NSF Directors, 1950 – present

List of NSF Deputy Directors, 1950 – present

Office Contacts and Locations
Office Name
Phone No.
Office of the Director
  Staff Directory
OD 703-292-8000 1205N
Office of the Deputy Director ODD 703-292-8001 1205N
Office of Diversity and Inclusion ODI 703-292-8020 255S
Office of the General Counsel OGC 703-292-8060 1265S
Office of Integrative Activities OIA 703-292-8040 935N
Office of International Science and Engineering OISE 703-292-8710 II-1155
Office of Legislative and Public Affairs OLPA 703-292-8070 1245S