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Human Capital Strategic Plan


The NSF Human Capital Strategic Plan constitutes the framework for managing the National Science Foundation's human capital system through 2014, and builds upon the strength and commitment of NSF's workforce to fulfill the Foundation's mission. The current plan, which supersedes the 2008 NSF Human Capital Strategic Plan, identifies internal and external factors that shape human capital planning at the Foundation and creates an integrated framework of policies and practices that will guide NSF in meeting its workforce needs and will enable NSF to excel as an organization. The plan takes a strategic approach, both in terms of identifying the human capital challenges facing the Foundation as well as how best to maximize the vitality and capabilities of NSF's workforce at all levels. The plan's interdependent goals and focused workforce and succession planning action strategies enable NSF's individual directorates and offices to develop organizationally-specific human capital implementation strategies that foster efficiency and effectiveness in pursuit of mission accomplishment.

The plan is available for download from NSF's On-Line Document System.