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Cash Management Branch

Branch Chief:
John Sholhead
(703) 292-8285


The Cash Management Branch (CMB) is responsible for managing the NSF award payment and financial reporting processes and is composed of the Commercial Cash Management Section (CCMS) and the Grants Cash Management Section (GCMS).


Section Head: Mike Howe

Mike Howe - 703-292-8285 - USP & Foreign Grantees

Dorothy Battle - 703-292-4440 - AL, AR, CO, DE, ID, IN, KY, MA, MS, PA, RI, SC, UT, WV

Chris Berner - 703-292-4335 - AZ, DC, GA, MD, MI, MN, NJ, NC, OK, TX, VT and all Fellowship payments

Ilene Caruso - 703-292-8334 - AK, CA, CT, HI, IA, MO, ND, NM, NV, NY, SD, WA, WY, and all SBIR awards

Naomi Jackson - 703-292-8775 - FL, IL, KS, LA, ME, MT, NE, NH, OH, OR, TN, VA, WI


  • Managing the NSF award payment processes
  • Monitoring awardee compliance with cash management and financial reporting requirements
  • Administering the financial services
  • Reconciling awardee payment and expenditure information to the NSF Award System and NSF iTRAK - core financial management system.
  • Providing subject matter expertise for post award financial management
  • Advising NSF staff and awardees on the financial requirements of NSF awards
  • Conducting outreach to awardee institutions


Question: How do I get access to ACM$?

Answer: Instructions for gaining access to ACM$ can be found at

Question: How long do I have after my award expires to draw down funds before it is financially closed?

Answer: You can continue to draw down funds for 120 days after your award expires. After 120 days it will be financially closed and you will only be permitted to do adjustments.

Question: How long do I have after my award is financially closed to make adjustments?

Answer: After the award is financially closed, you have 14 months to make adjustments.


Kathleen Carpenter - 703-292-4442
Section Head

Rebecca Andersen - 703-292-4571
Travel Card Program

Sherri Payne - 703-292-7957
Team Lead

Lucentia (Tia) Davidson - 703-292-4464
SF 1164 Payments, IPA/VSEE Payments, GUEST/Travel Payments

Barbara Melvin - 703-292-7901
GUEST/Travel Close and Reopen, After-the-fact Travel, Fast Start Forms, 90-Day close Out

Laura Miller - 703-292-4466
Vendor Invoices, Training Invoices

Steven Huczel (Contractor) - 703-292-7551
Travel Voucher Review


  • Records invoices for purchase orders, contracts, and training
  • Provides audit approval related to travel from both Concur and Guest reimbursements
  • Processes obligation close-outs for Concur and Guest
  • Processes payments for local travel and other related expenses via SF-1164
  • Processes IPA payments for per diem, supplemental pay, lost consulting and fringe benefits
  • Manages the travel card program
  • Processes daily purchase card payments
  • Records airline ticket transportation charges for both Concur and Guest Obligations


Question: I served on a panel, when will I receive reimbursement?

Answer: Please contact the office that invited you to the panel.

Question: I traveled on behalf of NSF and have submitted my expenses, when will I receive reimbursement?

Answer: Please contact the office for which you traveled.

Question: I submitted an invoice for payment, when will it be paid?

Answer: Please contact the office for which you provided goods or services.