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Social, behavioral and economic (SBE) sciences advance scientific knowledge about people and society. This knowledge furthers NSF's mission to advance U.S. health, prosperity, welfare, and defense — it is critical for the country's well-being.


Abstract of people with a building and tree
What are the SBE sciences?

SBE sciences explore human behavior and social organizations. They look at how economic, political, environmental, social, and cultural forces affect the lives of people from birth to old age — and how people in turn shape those forces.

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Catching early signs of autism in infants

SBE-funded research is helping to provide insights into how youngsters with autism spectrum disorder can develop stronger social relationships into the future.

Photo of kids playing with storybook app.
Helping deaf and hearing families communicate

A story book app developed as a part of NSF-Funded research is helping a little girl named Candor learn ASL while having fun.

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Geographic Information Systems: A Basic Science Success Story
Geographic Information Systems: A Basic Science Story

Fundamental research supported by NSF underpins modern GIS which is a platform that has many including stopping infectious disease outbreaks, emergency management, city planning and even navigating your neighborhood.

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Graph showing academic employment for early career doctorate holders in SBE fields: 2017. Psychology 47.2%, economics 47.9%, political science 73.4%, sociology 74.7%, other social sciences 73.6%.
How do doctoral recipients in the SBE sciences differ?

Learn more about characteristics of doctorate recipients in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences in new National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) report.

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Photo of Carol Dweck
Photo Credit: Mark Estes
SBE at Work: Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University studies how mindset can help us all achieve more.

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