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The General Social Survey (GSS) The Next Decade and Beyond

Cover of the General Social Survey (GSS)


  1. Executive Summary   (PDF - 47 kb)

  2. Table of Contents   (PDF - 34 kb)

  3. An Overview of the General Social Survey  (PDF - 54 kb)

  4. Recommendations  (PDF - 60 kb)

  5. Appendices  (PDF - 37 kb)

  6. Andrew A. Beveridge, The General Social Survey and Its Impact in Sociology and Other Social Sciences  (PDF - 40 kb)

  7. Suzanne Bianchi, The GSS, the ANES and the PSID & GSS Methodology Comments Prepared for the NSF Workshop on Planning the Future of the GSS  (PDF - 57 kb)

  8. Norman M. Bradburn, Thoughts on the General Social Survey  (PDF - 50 kb)

  9. Mark Chaves, The General Social Survey: Innovation and Dissemination Comments for NSF Workshop on the GSS  (PDF - 41 kb)

  10. Barbara Entwisle, Hard Choices: Reflections on the Design of the General Social Survey  (PDF - 44 kb)

  11. Jeremy Freese, Commentary for GSS Workshop, Methodology & Technological Innovation and Cyberinfrastructure  (PDF - 41 kb)

  12. Peter Granda, Best Practices in the Dissemination of Survey Data  (PDF - 42 kb)

  13. Ronald Inglehart, The GSS and International Surveys: Issues and Opportunities  (PDF - 65 kb)

  14. Jon A. Krosnick, Thoughts on the GSS Recompetition  (PDF - 51 kb)

  15. Robert D. Mare, Operational Aspects of the GSS from the Standpoint of Board of Overseers  (PDF - 43 kb)

  16. Douglas W. Maynard, Issues of Data Quality and Data Generation: The General Social Survey and Ethnomethodology/Conversation Analysis  (PDF - 48 kb)

  17. Leslie McCall, Review of the Content of the GSS  (PDF - 37 kb)

  18. Steve Nock, Conceptual and Methodological Innovations & Contribution of the GSS to Sociology and Its Broader Impacts   (PDF - 52 kb)

  19. Gregory N. Price, The General Social Survey: Contributions to Economics and Recommendations for Future Dissemination   (PDF - 60 kb)

  20. Steven Ruggles, Review of Web-Based Dissemination of the General Social Survey   (PDF - 66 kb)

  21. Lynn Smith-Lovin, GSS Content and Innovations  (PDF - 45 kb)

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