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Research Areas

NSF is divided into the following seven directorates that support science and engineering research and education: Biological Sciences, Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, and Education and Human Resources. Each is headed by an assistant director and each is further subdivided into divisions like materials research, ocean sciences and behavioral and cognitive sciences. Within NSF's Office of the Director, the Office of Integrative Activities also supports research and researchers. Other sections of NSF are devoted to financial management, award processing and monitoring, legal affairs, outreach and other functions.

Biological Sciences (BIO)

Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE)

Education and Human Resources (EHR)

Engineering (ENG)

Environmental Research and Education (ERE)

Geosciences (GEO)

Integrative Activities (OIA)

International Science and Engineering (OISE)

Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS)

Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE)