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Employee Conflict of Interest Training

Throughout the year, staff from the Office of the General Counsel brief NSF employees on conflict-of-interest rules. NSF staff (including IPAs and Visiting Scientists) who file financial disclosure forms are all required to attend this session once a year. All are welcome!

The Ethics Counselor relies primarily on case studies and NSF Manual 15 to introduce participants to the criminal conflicts laws; the basic standards of conduct regulations; specific rules applicable to NSF staff; and the rules covering proposal handling, recusals, acceptance of travel expenses, outside employment and activities, job hunting and acceptance of gifts.


All Program Officers and officials at or above a comparable level are *required* to participate in at least one briefing each calendar year.


The briefings are free, open to all staff and no registration is required (unless otherwise indicated).


A schedule of COI briefings for calendar year 2017 follows:

Date Briefing Time Location
November 16, 2017
Exit Interviews for Employees Leaving NSF 2:00 - 3:00 pm Conference Room W18000
(follow signs)
December 21, 2017
Exit Interviews for Employees Leaving NSF 2:00 - 3:00 pm Conference Room W18000
(follow signs)



If you will be attending a session and have a special need, please visit the following website for further instructions:


Registration is required in order to attend the Merit Review Basics I course. Please contact the NSF Academy for further information, x4564.


Offices of the Director
O/D, OGC, OLPA, and ODI - Karen Santoro, Francisco Ruben, Robin Clay, and Faith Hixson

International and Integrative Activities
OD/OIA - Stephen Meacham
OD/ISE - Sam Howerton

Ann Bushmiller

Biological Sciences
OAD - Marge Cavanaugh
MCB - Theresa Good
DBI - James Deshler
IOS - Rob Miller
DEB - Alan Tessier
EF - Marge Cavanaugh

Computer and Information Science and Engineering
OAD - Erwin Gianchandani
CCF - Anindya Banerjee
CNS - Jeremy Epstein
ACI - Amy Friedlander
IIS - JD Kundu

Education and Human Resources
OAD - John Cruickshank
DRL - Elizabeth VanderPutten
DGE - Victor Piotrowski
HRD - Victor Santiago
DUE - Kathleen Bergin

OAD - Judy Hayden
ECCS - Lawrence Goldberg
CBET - Timothy Patten
EEC - Deborah Jackson
CMMI - Mary Toney
IIP - Gracie Narcho

OAD - Scott Borg
AGS - Dave Verardo
OCE - Brian Midson
EAR - Gregory Anderson
POLAR - Alexandra Isern

Mathematical & Physical Sciences
OAD - Deborah Lockhart
PHY - Bradley Keister
AST - Ed Ajhar
DMS - Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska (Chris Stark, Alternate)
DMR - Charles Ying and Sean Jones
CHE - Carol Bessel (Tim Patten, Alternate)

Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
OAD - Kellina Craig-Henderson
SES - Alan Tomkins
NCSES - Raymond Wolfe
BCS - Antoinette Winklerprins

Information and Resource Management
OAD, DIS, DAS, and HRM - Donna Butler

Budget, Finance, and Award Management - Teresa Grancorvitz

Office of the Inspector General - (Liz Sweetland) Jen Kendrick

Disclaimer: The materials on this web site do not constitute legal advice. You should consult with an OGC attorney before acting on or convey to someone outside NSF any interpretation of these materials.