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Sexual Harassment

Basic research is done in all environments all over the world. All of those places much be harassment-free.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) does not tolerate harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, within the Foundation, at grantee institutions, field sites or anywhere science is conducted. NSF has taken steps to help ensure research environments are free from sexual harassment. Additionally, NSF is bolstering our policies, guidelines and communications so that institutions clearly understand expectations and individuals understand their rights.



NSF has taken a firm stance against harassment and discrimination. Please review our most recent policies.

Important Notice No. 144: Harassment

ODI Bulletin No. 18-01, Sexual Harassment Reporting

Office of Polar Programs Affirmation of Non-Harassment Policy Statement

OD 17-07: Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity and the Prevention of Harassment



NSF expects all research organizations to establish and maintain clear and unambiguous standards of behavior to ensure harassment-free workplaces wherever science is conducted. NSF promising practices on effective codes of conduct and standards of behavior are coming soon.



Harassment is a complex topic; for information please visit NSF Title IX FAQ webpage.



For any questions, comments or concerns regarding harassment, please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) at or (703) 292-8020. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours, please follow up to ensure ODI has received your communication.

An ODI staff member will respond to you to answer your questions, explain what your options are and what you can expect next.

Anyone who contacts NSF has the right to remain anonymous and protection from retaliation.