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Notice of Intent 49100419Q0039: Dimensions from the Digital Science and Research Solutions, Inc. (DSRSI)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) intends to procure a sole source order with  Digital Science & Research Solutions, Inc. for a Dimensions Subscription.

Access to this software is needed as no other software offering integrated analysis on all different types of data including grants, publications, citations, and patents, along with offering those data elements on a global scale- including both national and international major funding resources. No other software is close in analytic capability while offering the same scale of international grants or connection to internal patents that provided by Dimensions from the Digital Science & Research Solutions, Inc. (DSRSI).
Due to this a sole source to DSRI is necessary as:

  1. Uniqueness: Dimensions by DSRSI is the only product out on the market that offers integrated databases of research grants, publications, citations, and patents that cover a broad landscape from both national and international major research resources. This unique database coupled with on-site customer training will enable NSF to perform holistic and cutting-edge research analyses.

  2. Comprehensive: Dimensions by DSRSI has a wide range of use cases for NSF, including:

    • Researching Proposals - Novelty, Duplication, Trends, and Relevance - with its shared database of grant awards and Natural Language Processing ("NLP") tools users can view a global landscape of related research to a submitted proposal.
    • Reviewer Identification and Matching - leveraging over 3 million researcher profiles with publications and awarded grants, Dimensions identifies relevant Reviewers and presents conflicts of interest indicators.
    • Portfolio Analysis and Categorization - Dimensions allows everything from the quick analysis of topics and peers to portfolio reporting on highly-defined categories.
    • Evaluation and Assessment - Data in Dimensions are all interlinked, it will allow a user to see for a given NSF grant, what publications and patents generated by it, what are the citations of the publications and patents, etc. Or for a given publication, which publications cite it, which patents cite it, which grants fund it, more details on the researcher.

The period of performance will be August 6, 2019 through August 5, 2020.

This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals. This synopsis is for informational purposes only.


Sarah H. Khan, Contracting Specialist
Contracts Branch
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