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FY 2016 Agency Financial Report (AFR) - List of Figures and Tables


Figure 1.1: NSF Budget Structure

Figure 1.2: NSF Award Mechanisms and Institutions Funded

Figure 1.3: NSF FY 2016 Organization Chart*

Figure 1.4: NSF Competitive Proposals, New Awards, and Funding Rate

Figure 1.5: FY 2016 Assets

Figure 1.6: FY 2016 Liabilities

Figure 1.7: FY 2016 Net Cost

Figure 1.8: NSF Financial Management System Framework*



Table 1.1: Proposal Workload and Management Trends

Table 1.2: Changes in NSF's Financial Position in FY 2016

Table 1.3: FY 2016 Civil Monetary Penalty Adjustment for Inflation

Table 2.1: Status of Undisbursed Balances in Expired Grants

Table 3.1: Summary of Financial Statement Audit

Table 3.2: Summary of Management Assurances

Table 3.3: Improper Payment Reduction Outlook (A-136 Table 1)*

Table 3.4: Improper Payment Root Cause Category Matrix (A-136 Table 2)*

Table 3.5: Example of the Status of Internal Controls (A-136 Table 3)*

Table 3.6: Overpayments Recaptured Outside of Payment Recapture Audits (A-136 Table 4)

Table 3.7: Disposition of Funds Recaptured through Payment Recapture Audits (A-136 Table 5)*

Table 3.8: Aging of Outstanding Overpayments Identified in the Payment Recapture Audits (A-136 Table 6)*

Table 3.9: Results of the Do Not Pay Initiative in Preventing Improper Payments (A-136 Table 7)

Table 3.10: Freeze the Footprint

* No data for this figure/table.


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