Sites of major activities

U.S. Antarctic Program, 1998-1999


Long-term ecological research

Environmental research

Geology and geophysics


Ocean and climate studies

Aeronomy and astrophysics

Technical projects

Technical projects

These six specialized technical projects will be supported during 1998-1999:

  • PICO/AMANDA hot water drilling at South Pole Station, Antarctica; Karl Kuivinen, University of Nebraska. (TA-177-O)
  • Polar Ice Coring Office support; Karl Kuivinen, University of Nebraska (TI-150-O)
  • Automatic Geophysical Observatory (AGO)—servicing and installation; Ron Rainbow, Antarctic Support Associates (TO-296-O)
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar project; Steve Currier, NASA Wallops Flight Facility (TO-308-O)
  • McMurdo Sound Metsat Station--Upgrade, maintenance, and antarctic research center operation; and refurbishment of Terascan satellite reception & processing system at Palmer Station; Robert Whritner, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (TO-312-O)
  • UV-monitoring network; Charles Booth, Biospherical Instruments, Inc (TO-513-O)