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Fellowship Records Schedule NC1-307-82-1

Materials created and maintained to administer the granting of government funds for awards of Fellowships in the sciences. They include case files of awardees and non-awardees, internal records and reports, copies of fiscal records, program planning documents, studies and finding aids. Fellowship grants to institutions are covered in GRANT AND CONTRACT RECORDS schedule.

Fellowship Records Schedule NC1-307-82-1
  1. Fellowship Applicant Case Files
  1. Successful Applications (Awardees).

DISPOSITION: Transfer to FRC when 3 years old. Destroy when 10 years old.

  1. Unsuccessful Application (Non-Awardees).

DISPOSITION: Retain in the Foundation 1 year after close of case. Dispose of 3 years after deadline date for receipt of application.

  1. Evaluation Studies of Fellowship Case Files.

Documenting the planning, staffing and control of the project; approval of the plan; methods, evaluation statements and completed study report.

  1. Case Files for Fellowship Studies.

DISPOSITION: Retain in the Foundation for 5 years after release of report. Transfer to FRC and retain for 20 years then destroy.

  1. Workpapers for Recurring and One-time Reports.

DISPOSITION: Destroy 1 year after release of report.