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Personnel Records Schedule NC1-307-82-1

Personnel Records Schedule NC1-307-82-1
Item No. 31
  1. Personnel Records

Antarctic Personnel Case Files. Files of the Office of Polar Programs. Personnel who participate in the U.S. Antarctic Research operations under NSF grant or contract. Personnel may participate several years in succession, or with intermittent breaks. Each folder contains the following: Personal information for Antarctic Service, related reference reports and any subsequent evaluation of personnel requirements, travel arrangements, medical examinations, and the like; information copies of medical reports and travel authorizations prepared by Navy Department.

DISPOSITION: Cut off at end of each trip year. Transfer to FRC 2 years after end of last trip year. Destroy 8 years after last trip.

Item No. 33
  1. Training Aids.

One copy of each manual, syllabus, textbook, and other training aids developed by agency.

  1. Record Copy

DISPOSITION: Destroy when superseded or obsolete.

  1. Other Copies

DISPOSITION: Destroy when no longer needed.