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About OIA

The Office of Integrative Activities (OIA) works across disciplinary boundaries to lead and coordinate strategic programs and opportunities that: advance research excellence and innovation; develop human and infrastructure capacity critical to the U.S. science and engineering enterprise; and promote engagement of scientists and engineers at all career stages.

As a change agent, OIA catalyzes and incubates initiatives that capitalize on new interdisciplinary scientific and engineering concepts and generate technology-based solutions for economic and societal benefit. OIA strengthens the nation as a knowledge-based society by fostering the development of a diverse and engaged next generation of research leaders. Additionally, OIA administers prestigious honorary award programs and professional internships for aspiring scientists and engineers. OIA provides policy and programmatic analytical support to the NSF Director and Deputy Director and working in partnership with NSF directorates and offices, plays a leadership role in shaping agency-wide policies and new strategic directions that promote cross-Foundational programmatic and operational unity and alignment.

OIA includes:

The Integrative Activities (IA) Section


IA catalyzes and incubates NSF-wide initiatives; promotes STEM talent; and advances agency policies and research infrastructure.


IA envisions a robust research enterprise that transcends scientific disciplines, cultivates collaboration and uses innovative approaches to achieve scientific breakthroughs. 


  • Lead strategic planning for the agency;
  • Develop novel analysis and tools to drive policy and practices;
  • Administer high profile recognition programs;
  • Provide leadership on Agency BP Activities; and
  • Prototype and coordinate large-scale cross-directorate initiatives.

To learn more about OIA's Integrative Programs and Activities please click here.

The Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Section


EPSCoR enhances research competitiveness of targeted jurisdictions (states, territories, commonwealth) by strengthening STEM capacity and capability.


EPSCoR envisions its targeted jurisdictions as being recognized as strong contributors to the national and global STEM research enterprise.


  • Catalyze jurisdiction-wide research capability;
  • Establish STEM professional development pathways;
  • Broaden participation of diverse groups/institutions in STEM;
  • Effect engagement in STEM at national and global levels; and
  • Impact jurisdictional economic development.

To learn more about OIA's EPSCoR Program please click here.

The Evaluation and Assessment Capability (EAC) Section


EAC develops a coordinated, agency-wide capacity to 1) harness high-quality data to improve agency results; 2) introduce and use timely, low-cost evaluations; and 3) strengthen agency-wide use of evidence for program and policy decision making and action.


EAC envisions NSF as becoming a leader in evaluation and assessment of research and education investment in science and engineering.


  • Create innovative approaches to assessing and improving program investment performance;
  • Create and implement novel tools and measures;
  • Catalyze access to and the analysis and application of qualitative and qualitative data;
  • Consult and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to identify and meet assessment and evaluation needs; and
  • Connect an array of resources needed to support the NSF evidence-based culture.

To Learn more about OIA's Evaluation and Assessment Capability Section please click here.

Banner Image Credits: Genome design for EPSCoR - Dr. Casey Dunn, Alan T. Waterman awardee and EPSCoR PI; INSPIRE cluster for EAC - Dr. Paul Morris, Program Director (NSF/OD/OIA); Integration collage - Steven Buhneing (OD/OIA)