About DMR

Research supported by the Division of Materials Research (DMR) focuses on advancing materials discovery, design, synthesis, and characterization. DMR awards enable understanding of the electronic, atomic, and molecular mechanisms and processes that govern nanoscale to macroscale properties; manipulation and control of these properties; discovery of emerging phenomena of matter and materials; and creation of novel design, synthesis, and processing strategies that lead to new materials with unique characteristics. These discoveries and advancements transcend traditional scientific and engineering disciplines. The Division supports research and education activities in the United States through funding of individual investigators, teams, centers, facilities, and instrumentation. Projects supported by DMR are essential for the development of future technologies and industries that meet societal needs, as well preparation of the next generation of materials researchers.


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Microscopic crystals found in a sea urchin's tooth, Credit: Pupa U. P. A. Gilbert and Christopher E. Killian, University of Wisconsin, Madison