About DMR

Materials Research is the field of science where physics, chemistry, and engineering naturally converge in the pursuit of understanding the properties of materials and the phenomena they host. Materials are ubiquitous and pervasive, serving as critical building blocks in technology and innovation. Their discovery and understanding shape our understanding of our world and enable significant advances in electronics, communications, transportation, and health-related fields, and result in significant impacts on diverse aspects of life and society. The development and deployment of advanced materials are major drivers of US economic growth.

DMR invests in the discovery of new materials and the explanation of materials phenomena, and in the development of the next generation of materials scientists. In particular, DMR supports fundamental experimental and theoretical materials research and education via programs focused on condensed matter physics, solid-state and materials chemistry, and the science of materials that are ceramic, metallic, polymeric, nanostructured, biological, electronic, photonic, and multifunctional. This enterprise is dependent on investments across scales: from single investigators to teams and centers, from singularly focused research to that requiring interdisciplinarity, and from small instruments to large-scale facilities.

This diversity of fields and activities enables DMR to contribute significantly to several NSF Big Ideas, including Quantum Leap, Harnessing the Data Revolution, and Understanding the Rules of Life. DMR maintains divisional programs in midscale research infrastructure and convergence research that complement the Mid-scale Research Infrastructure and Growing Convergence Research Big Ideas. DMR supports materials-relevant instrumentation and technique development, which has enabled US leadership in high-field magnet science and further aims at democratizing national access to high-magnetic fields.

Program Higlights: https://www.nsf.gov/mps/dmr/highlights/highlights2017/17start.jsp