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Division of Materials Research

Solid State and Materials Chemistry (SSMC)

Name Email Phone Room
Birgit  Schwenzer (703) 292-4771  E 9476  
Catherine  Oertel (703) 292-4917  E 9474  


All proposals submitted to this Program that are not governed by another solicitation (such as CAREER) must be submitted to the solicitation: Division of Materials Research-Topical Materials Research Programs (DMR-TMRP), NSF 17-580.

This multidisciplinary program supports fundamental research in the area of solid state and materials chemistry of organic, inorganic, and hybrid organic/inorganic materials with an emphasis on synthesis and structure-property relationship studies. The programs portfolio comprises the elucidation of the atomic and molecular basis for materials development and properties in the solid state spanning the entire range from the nanoscale to the bulk. Areas of interest include but are not limited to (1) development of original materials design principles, approaches to innovative design, synthesis, assembly, bulk crystal and/or nanocrystal growth; (2) characterization of novel materials exhibiting new phenomena or superior functionality, and/or providing new scientific insights into the correlation between structure/composition and properties in the solid state; (3) investigations of surface and interfacial effects on materials behavior. Research encompassing multi-component materials systems and/or a strong mesoscale aspect with regard to the properties and/or  sustainability is particularly encouraged. Development and fundamental investigation of novel material systems for energy harvesting, conversion, and storage are welcome. Research in the area of battery materials will be considered for funding only if the objective of the study is advancing insights into fundamental materials chemistry phenomena through systematic investigations rather than improving performance.

The SSMC program works closely with other programs within the Mathematical and Physical Sciences(MPS) and Engineering (ENG) directorates to accommodate the multidisciplinary nature of proposal submissions.