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About the Directorate for Engineering (ENG)

Investments in engineering research and education are critical building blocks for the nation's future prosperity. Engineering breakthroughs address national challenges, such as smart manufacturing, resilient infrastructure and sustainable energy systems. Engineering also brings about new opportunities in areas ranging from advanced photonics to prosthetic devices.

Research funded by the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Directorate for Engineering (ENG) has enriched the understanding of natural systems, enhanced electronics, fortified the nation's infrastructure and introduced the exciting possibilities of engineering to the next generation.

Learn how the NSF Directorate for Engineering is Making Future Technologies Possible (2014, PDF, 1.0MB) and how engineers are Making Imagination Real (2004, PDF, 4.2MB).

Engineering Special Reports

robotics logo
A Foundation for Robotics: Designing cooperative, intelligent systems of the future
Long-term federal investments in fundamental science and engineering research have led to novel machines that safely partner with people in nearly every environment.
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Cleaner water, cleaner future: Engineering new water tech
Engineering researchers are creating new ways to handle drought, chemical spills and water purification. Imagine a clean water future.
light logo
Height of light: Progress in lasers and other light sources
Lasers have long energized our imaginations, bringing us light sabers and holodecks. In reality, light-based technologies, based on basic properties, materials and designs, enable our modern lifestyles.
lifesavers logo
Life savers: Resilient designs to weather hazards
Disasters don't have to be disastrous. Engineering advances enable buildings and infrastructure to better withstand any size of natural, technological or malicious hazard.
high tech harvest logo
High-tech harvest: Engineering agriculture's future
Droughts, floods and pests test the resilience of our agricultural systems as demand for a cheap, reliable food supply grows. Engineers continue to provide new tools to raise agricultural production and efficiency.
brain power logo
Brain power: Bright ideas and smart tools for neuroengineering
Engineers work to understand and harness the power of the brain. Explore how neurotechnologies are becoming a seamless part of daily life.
Made to order logo
Advanced Manufacturing: Made to Order
Rapid, efficient customization is becoming a reality for high-tech engineers, students and "maker" enthusiasts. Explore the remarkable advances that may transform manufacturing forever.

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