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Synopsis: 49100421Q0090 - Kimball Office Furniture and Installation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) intends to negotiate a sole source purchase order with Kimball International Marketing, Inc. - GSA Contract No. GS-03F-059DA to provide Office Furniture and Installation to the Office of the Director (OD).

The NSF Office of the Director (OD) Suite currently has Kimball Systems Office Furniture in adjacent offices and is also the NSF building standard. By purchasing new Kimball Systems Office Furniture for the two new offices that will be built within the OD suite, the OD suite will have a cohesive professional appearance. The Kimball Systems Furniture attic stock parts at the warehouse will integrate with the new Kimball Systems Office furniture if future furniture reconfigurations are required.

The NSF anticipates the requirement shall be solicited as a firm-fixed-price (FFP) contract for brand name Kimball furniture, in the amount $18,264.08.

The proposed contract action is for services for which the Government intends to sponsor with only one source under the authority of FAR 13.501(a). This Notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposal. This synopsis is for informational purposes only.


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