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Companion Piece to Science and Engineering Indicators 2010: 
                    Globalization of S&E Research Companion Piece to Science and Engineering Indicators 2010: Globalization of S&E Research (NSB 10-03)
The rapid development of R&D capabilities worldwide raises important policy issues both for the federal government and for private U.S. firms. The National Science Board addresses these issues with recommendations in Globalization of Science and Engineering Research, its policy companion to SEI 2010.
Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 (NSB 10-01)
S&E Indicators 2010 provides statistical data that is central to important questions for U.S. science and engineering (S&E) policy: What are the major changes in the world's S&E enterprise, and how do they affect the United States? How do Americans in S&E jobs fare at a time of economic challenge? And how do American views about science and engineering, and issues such as the environment, climate change, and stem cells compare with the views held by others around the world?
Key Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 Digest Key Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 Digest (NSB 10-02)
Growth in RD investment and capacity worldwide is challenging the United States' role as a global leader in science and engineering. These key indicators are an interactive snapshot of U.S. R&D trends in a global context. Explore the data behind the story. Jump to in-depth coverage in SEI 2010. Export data files and high-quality graphics.
State Data Tool Science and Technology State Indicators 2010
Science- and technology-based development can boost state and regional standards of living. Find data on state S&T trends and use the state indicators online data tool here.
Presentation Slides Presentation Slides
An overview of S&E Indicators 2010 key topic areas and findings
Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI) provides a broad base of quantitative information on the U.S. and international science and engineering enterprise. The data are "indicators." Indicators are quantitative representations that might reasonably be thought to provide summary information bearing on the scope, quality, and vitality of the science and engineering enterprise. The indicators reported in SEI are intended to contribute to an understanding of the current environment and to inform the development of future policies.

SEI is factual and policy-neutral. It does not offer policy options and it does not make policy recommendations. SEI employs a variety of presentational styles - tables, figures, narrative text, bulleted text, Web-based links, highlights, introductions, conclusions, reference lists - to make the data accessible to readers with different information needs and different information- processing preferences.

SEI does not model the dynamics of the science and engineering enterprise, and it avoids strong claims about the significance of the indicators it reports. SEI is used by readers who hold a variety of views about which indicators are most significant for different purposes.


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