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SEI 2012 Online Resources

The complete SEI 2012 report and its related resources, described below, are available on the Web at www.nsf.gov/statistics/indicators/.

  • Companion piece. The Board's companion pieces are "companion" statements to SEI 2012. The Board focuses on trends that it believes raise important policy concerns and should be brought to the attention of the President, Congress, and the public.

  • State data tool. This state data tool allows interactive exploration of 58 indicators of state trends in science and technology education, workforce, finance, and R&D. Users have the ability to choose and explore a single indicator in-depth, compare multiple indicators for preselected groups, customize their own graphics, or download data tables.

  • Presentation graphics. Presentation graphics, in PowerPoint slide and image (JPEG) formats, accompanied by their supporting data (Excel), are based on figures in the Overview chapter of SEI 2012. These figures are modified to fit the presentation-slide format, and slides can be previewed using the thumbnail view.

  • Source data. Data supporting each figure, table, and appendix table in SEI 2012 are available for download in Excel format. Links are provided on the SEI 2012 main page to the lists of figures, tables, and appendix tables, each organized by chapter.

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