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This digest was developed with guidance from the National Science Board by Rolf Lehming, with assistance from Nirmala Kannankutty and Katherine Hale, National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES), and supported by the Center's analytic staff. Production of the printed volume was guided by Cheryl Roesel, NCSES. Eileen Kessler and staff at OmniStudio, Inc., designed the layout. The Web version was produced by Robin Pentola, NCSES, with technical assistance from staff of Compuware Corporation.

Proprietary data in "Research Outputs: Publications and Patents" were provided by Thomson Reuters, Science Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index, http://thomsonreuters.com/products_services/science/; analytical support for article and patent data was provided by The Patent Board™, http://patentboard.com/. Proprietary data in "Geography of S&T: Globalization of Capabilities" were provided by IHS Global Insight, World Industry Service database, and World Trade Service database.

Recommended citation

National Science Board. 2012. Science and Engineering Indicators Digest 2012. Arlington VA: National Science Foundation (NSB 12-02).

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The cover for Science and Engineering Indicators Digest: 2012 was designed and produced by OmniStudio, Inc., Washington, DC.

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