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Universities and colleges perform the majority of basic research in the United States, while industry performs the majority of applied R&D.

Why is this indicator important?

  • The innovation enterprise in the United States includes R&D performed in many sectors, each contributing to the national effort.
  • Understanding how the S&E roles of academia, government and industry help to identify complementarities and gaps in the national S&E effort.

Key Observations

  • The growth of basic research performed by the academic sector has slowed in recent years, while the level of applied research performed by that sector is estimated to be growing.
  • There is evidence for some recovery in industrial performance of applied research and development after a brief downturn around 2000.

Related Discussion

  • Scientists and engineers working for non-profit organizations and federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) also represent important performers of R&D in the United States.