Figure 1. Domestic R&D employment, by industry: 2016
Domestic R&D employment, by industry: 2016

NCSES, PhD Researchers in the Business Sector: Domestic and Foreign Employment and Industry-Level Characteristics of Domestic R&D, NSF 19–320,, and NCSES and U.S. Census Bureau, Business R&D and Innovation Survey, 2016.

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Over 1.5 million R&D employees were in U.S. manufacturing and nonmanufacturing industries in 2016. The majority—about 912,000—were employed in manufacturing industries, while about 610,000 worked in nonmanufacturing industries.

Suggested Citation: Arora V., National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES). 2020. U.S. Manufacturing Industries Had over 900,000 R&D Employees in 2016. NSF 20–313. Alexandria, VA: National Science Foundation. Available at