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Senior Management

Senior Management photos are available in the Multimedia Gallery.

Office of the Director
Dr. France A. Córdova, Director
Vacant, Deputy Director
Dr. Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Chief Operating Officer

National Science Board

Dr. Maria T. Zuber, Chair
Dr. Diane L. Souvaine, Vice Chair
Dr. France A. Córdova, ex officio
Dr. John L. Anderson, Member
Dr. Deborah L. Ball, Member
Dr. Roger Beachy, Member
Dr. Arthur Bienenstock, Member
Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, Member
Dr. Vicki Chandler, Member
Dr. Ruth A. David, Member
Dr. W. Kent Fuchs, Member
Dr. Inez Fung, Member
Dr. Robert M. Groves, Member
Dr. James S. Jackson, Member
Dr. G. Peter Lepage, Member
Dr. W. Carl Lineberger, Member
Dr. Stephen L. Mayo, Member
Dr. Victor R. McCrary, Member
Dr. Emilio F. Moran, Member
Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Member
Dr. Sethuraman Panchanthan, Member
Dr. G. P. "Bud" Peterson, Member
Dr. Julia M. Phillips, Member
Dr. Geraldine L. Richmond, Member
Dr. Anneila I. Sargent, Member

National Science Board Office
Dr. John J. Veysey, II, Acting Executive Officer

Directorate for Biological Sciences
Dr. Joanne S. Tornow, Acting Assistant Director
Dr. Margaret Cavanaugh, Deputy Assistant Director

Directorate for Computer and Information Sciences & Engineering
Dr. James F. Kurose, Assistant Director
Dr. Erwin P. Gianchandani, Deputy Assistant Director

Directorate for Education and Human Resources
Dr. William "Jim" Lewis, Acting Assistant Director
Dr. Sylvia M. James, Acting Deputy Assistant Director

Directorate for Engineering
Dr. Dawn Tilbury, Assistant Director
Dr. Linda Blevins, Deputy Assistant Director

Directorate for Geosciences
Dr. William E. Easterling, Assistant Director
Dr. Scott Borg, Deputy Assistant Director

Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Dr. Anne Kinney, Assistant Director
Dr. Deborah F. Lockhart, Deputy Assistant Director

Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
Dr. Fay Lomax Cook, Assistant Director
Dr. Kellina M. Craig-Henderson, Deputy Assistant Director

Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Ms. Rhonda J. Davis, Office Head

Office of the General Counsel
Mr. Lawrence Rudolph, Esq., General Counsel
Ms. Peggy Hoyle, Deputy General Counsel

Office of Inspector General
Ms. Allison C. Lerner, Inspector General

Office of Integrative Activities
Dr. C. Suzanne Iacono, Office Head

Office of International Science and Engineering
Dr. Rebecca S. Keiser, Office Head
Dr. Samuel B. Howeton, Deputy Office Head

Office of Legislative and Public Affairs
Ms. Amanda Hallberg Greenwell, Office Head

Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management
Ms. Teresa Grancorvitz, Chief Financial Officer and Head
Mr. Michael Sieverts, Acting Deputy Office Head

Office of Information and Resource Management
Ms. Donna J. Butler, Acting Office Head
Mr. Wonzie L. Gardner, Acting Deputy Office Head


Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Teresa Grancorvitz, Acting (Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management)

Chief Human Capital Officer
Ms. Donna J. Butler, Acting (Office of Information and Resource Management)

Chief Information Officer
Ms. Dorothy Aronson (Office of the Director)