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FAQ’s from IGERT Resource Center Workshop on February 20, 2008



  1. Question: Must the proposing institution have a track record of developing resource centers with NSF?

Answer: No, an institution or organization with a track record of developing successful resource centers for any institution or organization is acceptable.

  1. Question: Would an organization/institution that lacked experience with developing a resource center, but that submitted a stellar proposal be considered for the Resource Center award?

Answer: As is described in Section VI of the IGERT solicitation (NSF 08-540), the review panel will consider the capacity and qualifications of a lead organization/institution as one component of the review criteria. The Program Officers for IGERT will instruct the panel on the review criteria as laid out in the solicitation.

  1. Question: What organizations are acceptable for consideration for the IGERT resource center proposal?

Answer: Any organization/institution that meets the appropriate qualifications as outlined in the Sections II and III of the solicitation may submit a proposal. It is anticipated that the lead institution for the IGERT Resource Center will be a service-oriented educational organization or institution with demonstrated capacity to plan, develop, and manage a national center that provides integrative e-intensive support for a diverse portfolio of IGERT projects across the United States. It should have known expertise in the targeted program areas of interdisciplinary graduate education and professional development. It is also expected that the lead institution will have known expertise in the IT field, developing and maintaining cyber-communities and communication modes, and in addressing the needs of the community the Resource Center is meant to support.

  1. Question: Will the new resource center subsume

Answer: Not subsume, but IGERT is looking for a new construct for the 21st Century. Many of the content items currently on the website will be incorporated into the resource center in some shape or manner. The resource center will have a broader range of technology and will establish IGERT as a leader in cyber-enabled communication and learning. It will include the broadening participation focus of as part of the resource center.

  1. Question: How will the resource center convert curricula from multiple sources/formats?

Answer: The resource center will build and hold all architecture, and we are expecting the proposer to take the lead in guiding the conversation on cost and performance issues. IGERT can help in facilitating data collection, if required.

  1. Question: Is it an advantage to have an IGERT at the institution?

Answer: No, meeting the requirements for proposers for the Resource Center is what is expected. Many organizations in this category may not have an IGERT.

  1. Question: Will the resource center be responsible for planning IGERT meetings?

Answer: New PI and PI/trainee meetings will continue to be planned through a contractor. However, the resource center would be responsible for supporting/interacting with cyber-enabled meetings.

  1. Question: Will the organization that receives the resource center grant aid the institution in being awarded other IGERT grants?

Answer: No, the resource center grant and the IGERT training grants are totally unrelated.

  1. Question: What is an example for open versus confidential material?

Answer: In the general instructional technology world, some areas are password protected and some are not. Appropriately, there may be some materials, data, and exchange of information that is strictly intended for the IGERT community and not the general public.

  1. Question: Will Access Grid be used for data sharing?

Answer: Access Grid will be used as a collaboration and communication tool. The resource center will not be used for data crunching; it will not be used as a computing tool.

  1. Question: If an institution has no prior experience with developing and maintaining a resource center but has attracted one person with prior experience, will they be considered?

Answer: The proposer can build a case, explaining why their expertise is the best. Panelists will review all proposals based on the review criteria as described in Section VI of the solicitation.