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NSF 05-51, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders' Issues:
The Challenges of Success
Workshop Proceedings
November 3-4, 2003

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Front Cover,
Title Page,
Table of Contents

(PDF, 464kb)

Background (PDF, 67kb)

Summary of Recommendations and a Vision for the Future (PDF, 76kb)

Action Items (PDF, 59kb)

Welcoming Remarks (PDF, 101kb)

Highlights of Presentations by Plenary Speakers (PDF, 156kb)

Summary of Breakout Sessions
Outreach: Social and Educational Opportunities and Challenges
Asian American and Pacific Islander Workforce Issues
Education Issues

(PDF, 121kb)

Appendix A: AAPI Workshop Participants (PDF, 81kb)

Appendix B: Resources and Links (PDF, 88kb)

NSF Information Page
Back Cover

(PDF, 94kb)