FAQs for IODP Program Solicitation

Frequently Asked Questions regarding NSF 03-586:
U.S. Science Support Program Associated with the
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (USSSP-IODP)

The following Questions and Answers have been prepared to assist proposers responding to the U.S. Science Support Program Associated with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (USSSP-IODP) Program Solicitation (NSF 03-586). [See https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2003/nsf03586/nsf03586.htm.]

  1. Q. Is the anticipated funding level of $15M a target or a limit?

    A. The $15M amount given in the Solicitation is a limit.

  2. Q. What is the expected start date of the Cooperative Agreement with the successful awardee?

    A. Given the November 3, 2003 proposal deadline and the length of the anticipated NSF review process, start dates could be in winter or spring of 2004. Events prior to the award include review, selection, negotiation of the Cooperative Agreement, and approval of the Program Plan.

  3. Q. How many Legs of nonriser drilling should be proposed in the FY 04-06 period and how should these be distributed among the three years?

    A. The exact number is still uncertain; however, with new developments, these numbers should become clearer year to year. Proposers may conservatively assume a total of 12 Legs of non-riser drilling, distributed in a logical manner given available information and constraints.

  4. Q. How many US participants should be considered per cruise per platform?

    A. Six to ten, as appropriate for each platform, and given that the US and Japan will be equal partners.

  5. Q. Does NSF envision any significant changes in the extent of post cruise science and publication activities or with the responsibilities of the Project/Program Director in the new Program?

    A. Although the details have not all been worked out, the NSF does not envision the need for significant changes to existing models.

    NOTE: NSF's Division of Ocean Sciences (GEO/OCE) has an Ocean Drilling Program that funds activities related to ocean drilling. In an attempt to lessen confusion between NSF's own Ocean Drilling Program, and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, the current USSSP-IODP solicitation uses the word "project" [rather than "program"] in connection with the Awardee. Other than that, the words "project" and "project director" in the current solicitation are comparable to the words "program" and "program director" in the previous solicitation.

  6. Q. Should proposers consider mission-specific platform expeditions and expeditions on the riser vessel Chikyu in the first three years of IODP and, if so, how many?

    A. Proposers are encouraged to consider such missions to the extent that they seem justified based on available knowledge and information.