NSF FY1999 Accountability Report

Letter from the Director

Letter from the Chief Financial Officer

The NSF Vision


Executive Summary


Management's Discussion and Analysis:

       Agency Profile

       Program Performance During FY 1999

              Outcome Goals and Results

              Investment Process Goals and Results

              Management Goals and Results

       Discussion and Analysis of the Financial Statements

       Other Reporting Requirements

       Y2K Compliance

       Limitations of the Financial Statements


Management Integrity and Controls


FY 1999 Consolidated Financial Statements:

       Annual Financial Statements

       Notes to the Financial Statements

       Required Supplementary Information


Independent Auditors' Report and Management's Response



       Description of NSF Directorates and Management Offices

       NSF Executive Staff and Officers

       National Science Board Members

       List of Acronyms

       We Welcome Your Comments!


FYI: NSF Success Stories