Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973398 Bell Suzanne Eastern Washington University POWRE: Application of Neural Networks to Archaeology SBE
9973396 Biringen Zeynep Colorado State University POWRE: The Transition to Elementary School: An Attachment Perspective SBE
9973561 Bratton Susan Whitworth College POWRE: Science, Environmental Policy and the Ethics of Commercial Fishing SBE
9973600 Byme Margaret Baylor College of Medicine POWRE: Financial Incentives in Health: Understanding the Ethical Implications SBE
9973772 Demuth Katherine Brown University POWRE: Statistical Modeling of Language Learning SBE
9973451 Doss Cheryl Yale University POWRE: Intrahousehold Aspects of Risk Management SBE
9973493 Goodwin Stephanie Yale University POWRE: Social Power and Implicit Cognition SBE
9973474 Gopal Sucharita Boston University POWRE: Artificial Neural Networks for Spatial Aggregation and Disaggregation Problems SBE
9973903 Jameson Kimberly University of San Diego POWRE: Gender-Based Considerations for Modeling Cognition and Color Appearance SBE
9973435 Lein Pei-te University of Utah POWRE: A Pilot Study of the National Asian American Political Survey SBE
9973765 MacDonough Joyce University of Rochester POWRE: The Phonetic Structure of Navajo SBE
9973399 McDonough Laraine City University of New York, Brooklyn College POWRE: Utilizing New Technology to Investigate Cognitive Development SBE
9973236 Mutz Diana Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences POWRE: In Mixed Company: Psychological Responses to Mediated Representations of Oppositional Political Views SBE
9973736 Norr Lynette University of Florida POWRE: Nutritional Consequences of Social Hierarchy: Diet, Status, Gender, and Health in the Prehistoric Americas SBE
9972669 Olson Mary Yale University POWRE: Regulatory Reform and Consumer Safety -- Examining the Impact of User Fees on New Drug Safety SBE
9973618 Ordonez Lisa University of Arizona POWRE: Over Spilt Milk: Regret for Decisions Gone Awry SBE
9973790 Perez-Stable Marifeli Florida International University POWRE: The Cuban Republic/State and Nation in the Caribbean Basin SBE
9973731 Razzolini Laura University of Mississippi POWRE: An Experimental Study of Cost Sharing and Rationing Mechanisms SBE
9973669 Rutstrom E. Elisabet University of South Carolina, Columbia POWRE: An Experimental Study of Power, Equity, and Distributional Preferences SBE
9973391 Thompson-Schill Sharon University of Pennsylvania POWRE: Semantic and Executive Functions of Prefrontal Cortex SBE
9973402 Welsh Marilyn University of Northern Colorado POWRE: Structural Equation Model of Executive Functions in Young Adults SBE
*Awarded with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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