Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973372 Allen CaitiIyn University of Wisconsin, Madison POWRE: Biological Role of Motility in Bacterial Wilt of Plants BIO
9973546 Assmann Sarah Pennsylvania State University, University Park POWRE: The Role of CDPKs in Plant Salt Tolerance: a T-DNA Mutagenesis Approach BIO
9973340 Barnum Susan Miami University POWRE: Phylogeny of Heterocystous Cyanobacteria and Evolution of Nitrogen Fixation Genes BIO
9973579 Barton M. Kathy University of Wisconsin, Madison POWRE: Investigating the Link Between Growth and Pattern in the Arabidopsis Embryo BIO
9973921 Beuchat Carol University of Arizona POWRE: Structural Specializations of Protea Flowers and their Role in the Biology of African Sugarbirds: A Solution to Dilution? BIO
9972968 Bidle Kelly University of California, San Diego - Scripps Inst. POWRE: Isolation and Characterization of Salt-sensitive Mutants in the Archaeal halophile, Haloferax volcanii BIO
9973521 Bronstein Judith University of Arizona POWRE: Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics of Cheating in Mutualisms BIO
9973647 Brown Susan Kansas State University POWRE: Genetic Regulatory Shifts in Insect Evolution BIO
9973378 Buss Janice Iowa State University POWRE: H-Ras C-Terminus and Its Role in Signaling BIO
9973746 Byrd Sherell Fort Lewis College POWRE: Compartmentalization of Protein Kinase A (PKA) in Epithelia BIO
9973447 Cameron Sydney University of Arkansas POWRE: Behavioral and Chemical Analyses of Trail Pheromones in the Amazonian Bumble Bee (Bombus transversalis) BIO
9973306 Castelfranco Ann University of Hawaii, Manoa POWRE: Analysis of Space-clamp Errors in Voltage-clamp Experiments on an Extended Neuron BIO
9973916 Dickson Kathryn California State University - Fullerton Foundation POWRE: A New Method to Test Hypotheses about the Development and Evolution of Endothermy in Tunas: Pilot Study BIO
9973554 Doering Tamara Weill Medical College of Cornell POWRE: Glycosyl Phosphatidylinositol Anchors of Cryptococcus neoformans BIO and NIH
9973776 Dranginis Anne Saint John's University POWRE: Characterization of the Yeast Cell Wall Protein FLO11 BIO
9973495 Duvauchelle Christine University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Prefrontal Cortex Modulation of Accumbens Dopamine Levels BIO and NIH
9973644 Eyster Kathleen University of South Dakota POWRE: Physiological Genomics and Signal Transduction in the Ovary BIO
9973750 Fernandes Joyce Yale University POWRE: Molecular Characterization of Genes that are Candidates for Determinants of Neuronal Identity and Synaptic Plasticity in Drosophila BIO
9973712 Fuller Claire Murray State University POWRE: Polygamy and the Adaptive Significance of Genetic Variation in the Termite, Nasutitermes acajutlae BIO
9973716 Garcia Elizabeth Brown University POWRE: Analysis of Interactions Between mss4 and SAP90 BIO and NIH
9973770 Harmon Alice University of Florida POWRE: A Bacterial Two-Hybrid System for Studying CDPK-Substrate Interaction. BIO
9973581 Li Christine Boston University POWRE: Neurotransmitter Specification & Function in C. elegans BIO
9973472 McGrath Deborah University of the South POWRE: Forging International Collaborations to Investigate Mechanisms of Accelerated Phosphorus Cycling in Native Amazonian Agroecosystems BIO
9973568 Moreno Maria Yale University POWRE: Molecular Genetics of Ligule Development BIO and NIH
9973499 Morris Marilyn State University of New York, Buffalo POWRE: Sulfate Transport in Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cells BIO and NIH
9973892 Nedivi Elly Massachusetts Institute of Technology POWRE: Effects of CPG15 on Cells and Synapses in Mouse Barrel Cortex BIO
9973314 Russell Ann Iowa State University POWRE: Soil Organic Matter Fractions and Dynamics in Experimental Tropical Ecosystems BIO
9973324 Sachs Roseann Colorado College POWRE: Infrared and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Manganese Stabilizing Protein in Photosystem II BIO
9973734 Schierenbeck Kristina California State University - Chico Research Foundation POWRE: Genetic Linkage Map & Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis for Clarkia lingulata and C. bilboba ssp. australis BIO
9973585 Shinnar Ann Barnard College POWRE: Antimicrobial Peptides from the Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus), a Primitive Vertebrate BIO
9973861 Threadgill Deborah Vanderbilt University Medical Center POWRE: Regulation of Glycosylation in Campylobacter jejuni BIO
9973937 Tuttle Elaina St. Mary's College of Maryland POWRE: Disassortative Mating and the Maintenance of Polymorphism BIO
9973870 Ware Vassie Lehigh University POWRE: Research and Career Enhancement Activities to Support Studies in Eukaryotic Ribosomal RNA Maturation BIO
9973640 Welsh Cristabel Texas A&M University Research Foundation POWRE: Control of MHC Expression in Cerebrovascular Endothelial Cells BIO and NIH
9870374 Wheatly Michele Wright State University POWRE: The Evolving Function of the Basolateral Membrane Ca Pump in Exchange Epithelia of a Continuum of Aquatic to Semi-terrestrial Brazilian Crabs BIO
9973799 Zhou G. Tong Georgia Technical Research Corporation POWRE: Quantitative Behavioral Analysis of a Simple Animal BIO
*Awarded with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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