Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE)
Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education (ESIE)
Division Directors Primary Field
Norman L. Fortenberry, DUE Engineering
Jane Butler Kahle, ESIE Biology
Lead Program Directors  
Gerhard L. Salinger, ESIE Physics
Elizabeth J. Teles, DUE Mathematics
Program Directors  
Michael R. Haney, ESIE Educational Technology
Jack G. Hehn, DUE Physics
R. Corby Hovis, DUE Physics and Astronomy
Thomas H. Howell, DUE Engineering
Karen L. Johnston, DUE Physics
Donald E. Jones, ESIE Chemistry
Gary L. Long, DUE Chemistry
C. Dianne Martin, DUE Computer Science
Eric J. Sheppard, DUE Engineering
Joseph V. Stewart, ESIE Physics
Dorothy L. Stout, DUE Geosciences
Wayne W. Sukow, ESIE Physics
Gordon E. Uno, DUE Biology
Frank Wattenberg, DUE Mathematics
Science Education Analyst  
R. Corby Hovis, DUE Physics and Astronomy
Administrative Staff  
William C. Aigner, Center Manager and Senior Program Assistant, DUE  
Ann M. Butler, Senior Program Assistant, ESIE  
Karen Warfield, Consultant Staff Assistant, DUE  

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