The Tenth Annual Report of the National Science Foundation, Fiscal Year 1960
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Letter of Transmittal   PDF (26 Kb)
Contents   PDF (225 Kb)
The Director's Statement   PDF (382 Kb)
Stimulating the National Research Effort   PDF (1,188 Kb)
A Photographic Sampling of Foundation - Supported Activities
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Program Activities of the National Science Foundation  PDF (6,938 Kb)
A.   National Science Board, Staff, Committees, and Advisory Panels   PDF (831 Kb)
B.   Financial Report for Fiscal Year 1960   PDF (107 Kb)
C.   Grants for Basic Research   PDF (5,312 Kb)
D.   Grants for Other Than Basic Research   PDF (4,258 Kb)
E.   Fellowship Awards   PDF (4,251 Kb)
F.   Publications the National Science Foundation   PDF (80 Kb)

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