The Sixth Annual Report of the National Science Foundation, Fiscal Year 1956
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Letter of Transmittal   PDF (97 Kb)
Contents   PDF (121 Kb)
The Chairman's Foreword   PDF (238 Kb)
The Director's Statement   PDF (519 Kb)
The Sixth Annual Report - A Summary   PDF (410 Kb)
Recent Developments Affecting the Scientific Community
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A Photographic Sampling of Foundation Activities  PDF (16,640 Kb)
Program Activities of the National Science Foundation  PDF (9,215 Kb)
A.   National Science Board, Staff, Committees, Commissions, and Advisory Panels   PDF (1,799 Kb)
B.   Research Support Programs  PDF (5,017 Kb)
C.   Grants Other Than Research   PDF (735 Kb)
D.  Fellowship Programs   PDF (3,529 Kb)
E.   Grants for International Geophysical Year Program   PDF (782 Kb)
F.  Financial Report   PDF (238 Kb)
G.   Publications of the National Science Foundation   PDF (450 Kb)

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