Fifth Annual Report of the National Science Foundation, Fiscal Year 1955
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Letter of Transmittal   PDF (49 Kb)
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Foreword   PDF (385 Kb)
Part I.   Current Aspects of American Science   PDF (4,330 Kb)
Part II.  Program Activities of the National Science Foundation   PDF (7,708 Kb)
I.   National Science Board, Staff, Divisional Committees and Advisory Panels   PDF (2,088 Kb)
II.   Research Support Programs   PDF (5,106 Kb)
III.   Contracts and Grants other than Research   PDF (1,250 Kb)
IV.   Graduate Fellowship Program   PDF (3,570 Kb)
V.   Grants for International Geophysical Year Program   PDF (93 Kb)
VI.   Financial Report for Fiscal Year 1955   PDF (244 Kb)
VII.   Publications of the National Science Foundation   PDF (333 Kb)

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