The Third Annual Report of the National Science Foundation, Fiscal Year 1953
Cover   PDF (139 Kb)
Letter of Transmittal   PDF (99 Kb)
Contents   PDF (126 Kb)
Foreword   PDF (520 Kb)
Science and Public Policy   PDF (2,384 Kb)
Special Studies on the Current Status of Science  PDF (632 Kb)
Conferences in Support of Science   PDF (1,083 Kb)
Scientific Manpower Studies   PDF (1,163 Kb)
Support of Basic Research in the Sciences  PDF (586 Kb)
What is Basic Research?   PDF (1,945 Kb)
Education in the Sciences  PDF (994 Kb)
Exchange of Scientific Information   PDF (644 Kb)
Administration   PDF (272 Kb)
I.   National Science Board, Staff, Divisional Committees and Advisory Panels   PDF (1,799 Kb)
II.   Research Support Programs   PDF (1,651 Kb)
III.   Contracts and Grants Other Than Research Awarded in Fiscal Year 1953   PDF (713 Kb)
IV.   Graduate Fellowship Program   PDF (3,244 Kb)
V.   Financial Report for Fiscal Year 1953   PDF (258 Kb)
VI.   Report of the National Science Foundation - Amherst Conference on Physics Research in Colleges   PDF (941 Kb)
VII.   Important Areas of Minerals Research Compiled by the National Science Foundation Advisory Committee on Minerals Research
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