National Science Foundation Fiscal Year 1952 Budget Report Overview
Table of Contents
Justification of Estimates on Appropriations
I.  Statutory Authority and Duties of the National Science
   PDF (515 Kb)
II. The Development of a National Science Policy   PDF (1,098 Kb)
III. Comparative Summary of Funds by Functions  PDF (169 Kb)
IV. Comparative Summary of Funds by Objects   PDF (144 Kb)
V. Analysis of Budget Functions  PDF (2,890 Kb)
VI. Summary of Operating Costs of the Foundation  PDF (1,426 Kb)
Appendix I -
     Historical Background of the NSF  PDF (1,340 Kb)
Appendix II -
     Legislative History of the NSF Act of 1950   PDF (650Kb)
Appendix III -
     Biographical Sketches   PDF (701Kb)

Entire Document Entire Document in PDF(9,378K).

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