The Second Annual Report of the National Science Foundation, Fiscal Year 1952
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Letter of Transmittal   PDF (113 Kb)
Contents   PDF (183 Kb)
Foreword   PDF (755 Kb)
The Year in Review   PDF (544 Kb)
Development of National Science Policy   PDF (1,884 Kb)
Support of Basic Research in the Sciences   PDF (1,722 Kb)
Scientific Manpower and Graduate Fellowship Program
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Dissemination of Scientific Information   PDF (525 Kb)
I.   National Science Board, Staff, Divisional Committees and Advisory Panels   PDF (1,497 Kb)
II.   Research Support Program  PDF (1,616 Kb)
III.   Contracts and Grants Other Than Research Awarded in Fiscal Year 1952   PDF (325 Kb)
IV.   Graduate Fellowship Program   PDF (2,872 Kb)
V.   Survey of Federal Obligations for Scientific Research and Development at Nonprofit Institutions  PDF (697 Kb)
VI.   Financial Report for Fiscal Year 1952   PDF (304 Kb)
VII.   Federal Expenditures for Research and Development - Fiscal Years 1940-52   PDF (169 Kb)

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