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Office Head of the Office of Information and Resource Management

Ms. Donna J. Butler, Acting Office Head, OIRM
Ms. Donna J. Butler
Office Head (Acting)

Donna J. Butler serves as the Office Head (Acting) in the Office of Information and Resource Management (OIRM) at the National Science Foundation (NSF).

In this position, she coordinates agency-wide administrative and general management activities. Ms. Butler provides leadership and direction for human resources, information systems, and administrative services at NSF, ensuring all organizations within OIRM work in partnership to support the agency and its customers.

Ms. Butler has 30 years of federal experience, with 13 years in various industrial engineering positions. She has a large and diverse portfolio of administrative operations, including, but not limited to human capital, facilities and real estate, asset management, grants management, physical and building security and sustainability to name a few.

She most recently worked at the U.S. Small Business Administration where she served as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer/Chief Administrative Officer and provided executive oversight to the Agency's core administrative operations, as well as the formulation and execution of the Office of the COO's overall budget, encompassing the Offices of Administrative Services, Disaster Planning, Grants Management, Executive Secretariat, and Human Resources.

Ms. Butler earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering at the North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition, she earned her Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management at the Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania.