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Candidate Search - Chief Officer for Research Facilities (CORF)


We have initiated a national search for the National Science Foundation's Chief Officer for Research Facilities (CORF) and seek your assistance in the identification of candidates.

The CORF oversees NSF's major facility and mid-scale research infrastructure portfolio and works closely with our disciplinary research directorates to develop and implement an agency-wide strategy to support world-class research infrastructure for the use of the scientific community. The CORF occupies the role envisioned by Congress in the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act (AICA) of 2017 (Section 110(a)(2)(H): "the Director shall... appoint a senior agency official whose responsibility is oversight of the development, construction, and operations of major multi-user research facilities across the Foundation." The CORF is a member of the NSF senior management team, and communicates and interacts with all of the staff, programs, and activities of the Foundation. Linked below is an information sheet that summarizes the CORF's activities and the responsibilities of the position, together with the criteria that will be used in the search.

We seek your help in identifying candidates with these qualifications: outstanding leadership; a deep sense of scholarship; a grasp of the issues involved with research infrastructure among a diverse community of researchers and stakeholders; and the ability to serve effectively as a key member of the NSF management team. Applications of individuals from any sector — academic, industry, or government — are welcome. The National Science Foundation is an equal opportunity employer committed to employing a highly qualified staff that reflects the diversity of our nation.

Please see for a full position description, and instructions on submitting an application. Applications must be submitted by December 21, 2020. The incumbent Chief of Staff, Mr. Brian Stone, will lead the Search Committee in identifying candidates. Please send your recommendations, including any supporting information that you can provide, to the CORF Search Committee via e mail ( Note that postal inquiries are discouraged, since NSF is still in Phase 2 of its transition back from the COVID-19 pandemic, and postal mail may not receive prompt attention.

Your assistance in this very important task is appreciated.

          /// signed ///
          Sethuraman Panchanathan


[Candidate Review Criteria]

[Overview of the Chief Officer for Research Facilities]

[PDF version of Letter and Enclosures]

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