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Science and Technology Centers Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag

1989 STCs (Graduated)

Some of the retired Science and Technology Centers maintain a web page that contains invaluable information about the Center's mission, projects, and outreach opportunities. As the Centers are retired, the web pages might not be currently updated.

Award Project Title Project Director
Project Website
Lead Organization
8808432 Advanced Cement-Based Materials Surendra Shah

Northwestern University

9120009 Analysis and Prediction of Storms Kelvin Droegemeier

University of Oklahoma

9119999 Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science Diane Souvaine

Rutgers University at New Brunswick

8809714 High-Performance Polymeric Adhesives and Composites James McGrath

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

9120006 Microbial Ecology James Tiedje

Michigan State University

9214821 Molecular Biotechnology Leroy Hood

University of Washington

9120005 Particle Astrophysics Marc Davis

University of California at Berkeley

8810024 Photoinduced Charge Transfer David Whitten

University of Rochester

9120007 Quantized Electronic Structures Evelyn Hu

University of California at Santa Barbara

9120008 Research on Parallel Computation Ken Kennedy

William Marsh Rice University

9120000 Superconductivity Miles Klein

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign