NSF EPSCoR Project Directors, Project Administrators and Education/Outreach Diversity Officers Meeting

Winter, 2013

Embassy Suites, Newark, DE

Wednesday, January 23, 2013    

8:00 AM

  Welcome and Introductions


Denise Barnes, EPSCoR Office Head

8:15 AM


OLPA Workshop, Creating EPSCoR Messengers


Dan Agan, Chris Mooney, and Joe Schreiber

12:00 PM




1:00 PM


STPI Update on Program Evaluation


Brian Zuckerman, STPI Representative

1:30 PM


Remarks on:

NSF EPSCoR Response to the EPSCoR 2030 Workshop Report

Vision for NSF EPSCoR



Denise Barnes, EPSCoR Office Head



Update on Spring PD/PA Meeting


Liz Lawrence, EPSCoR Program Analyst



EPSCoR Highlights


Jeanne Small, EPSCoR Program Officer

2:15 PM


Changes in Reporting Requirements and Mechanisms


Sian Mooney and Jeanne Small, EPSCoR Program Officers

3:00 PM


Upcoming NSF Solicitations


Kelvin Chu, EPSCoR Program Officer

3:30 PM





4:00 PM

Update on PAPPG Changes


Uma Venkateswaran, EPSCoR Program Officer

4:30 PM


Collaborative Research Initiatives


Sean Kennan, EPSCoR Program Officer

5:30 PM





6:30 PM


Dinner at Center for the Arts, University of Delaware



Thursday, January 24, 2013

8:30 AM


Research Networks


Bonnie Thompson, ISE Program Officer

9:30 AM


External Evaluation Panel


Moderator: Bill Michener, External Evaluators: Lisa Kohne & Kirk Minnick, EPSCoR PDs: Gayle Dana & Gail McClure, NSF EPSCoR POs: Jeanne Small & Uma Venkateswaran

11:00 AM


Update on EPSCoR National Conference


John Hopkins, TN EPSCoR

11:30 AM


Meeting Survey



12:00 PM





PA/EOD Best Practices Session

1:30 PM


Annual Reporting Boot Camp


Michelle Gregoire, NH EPSCoR

2:45 PM




3:00 PM


Data Collection - Update on Drupal Software Development


Kevin Kelly, HI EPSCoR

4:00 PM


Big Team Science Panel


Vicki Nemeth - ME EPSCoR, Kevin Gardner - NH EPSCoR, Bill Michener - NM EPSCoR, John Hopkins - TN EPSCoR

5:00 PM




PA/EOD Best Practices Session, continued

Friday, January 25, 2013

8:30 AM


Funding Opportunities for Cross-Jurisdictional Programs


Marta Collier, AR EPSCoR

9:30 AM


Program Highlights:

Involving HBCUs and Communities

Rural Programming

Working with Special Needs Individuals

Tribal Colleges


Marta Collier, AR

Karen Boykin, AL

Jennifer Dunham, ME

Sarah Penney, ID

10:15 AM





10:30 AM


Integrating New Technologies into EOD

Cyberinfrastructure Student Engagement

Connecting Teachers and Data

CyberConnections in Nano Bio Science



Barbara Kucera, KY EPSCoR

Mary Jo Daniel, NM EPSCoR

Karen Boykin, AL EPSCoR


12:00 PM