2009 EPSCoR Project Director's & Project Administrator's Meeting

The Project Director's (PD) and Project Administrator's (PA) Annual Meeting was held May 18-21, 2009 in Arlington, VA. This meeting is important to achieving EPSCoR?s objectives. The meeting is designed to allow the EPSCoR PDs and PAs to receive information, to share strategies, to collaborate, and to share best practices that they and others might use to advance the Research Improvement Infrastructure (RII) programs in their jurisdictions. The meeting was focused on the following emphasis areas:

  • Strategic planning, implementation, and monitoring;
  • New/updated program information;
  • Cross-jurisdiction collaborations;
  • Current issues relative to the NSF EPSCoR program;
  • Sharing of project accomplishments and networking; and
  • Meetings of the PDs with their NSF Program Directors and other NSF Directorate contacts.

The presentations files are in the meeting agenda below: