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No Fear Act

No Fear Act Notice

The No Fear Act of 2002 requires agencies to post certain statistical information on their public websites concerning employment discrimination complaints. Agencies are also required to post current fiscal year information on a cumulative basis with quarterly updates. Additionally, year-end statistical data for the previous five years must be posted for comparison purposes. The No Fear Act Data are very comprehensive and cover all phases of the complaint process. The report that follows depicts the formal complaint activity for the National Science Foundation as outlined below:

  1. Complaint data by fiscal year for previous five year period (2009-2013)
    1. Total number of complaints
    2. The status of these complaints
    3. The amount of funds expended for settlement
    4. The amount of attorney's fees
    5. Number of employees disciplined
  2. Current complaint data (End of 2nd Qtr. FY 14)
    1. Total number of complaints
    2. Total number of employees filing complaints
    3. Total number of employees filing multiple complaints

No FEAR Act Data