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How much do states spend on student aid for undergraduate students?

State expenditures on student aid per full-time undergraduate student: 2011

Main Finding

Nationwide, the total amount of state financial aid from grants provided to undergraduates at public and private institutions nearly doubled between 2001 and 2011, from $4.6 billion to $9.1 billion. On a per-student basis, state funding for student grants increased from $613 per undergraduate in 2001 to $858 per undergraduate in 2011 (in current dollars).

Key Observations

  • The amount of financial aid provided to undergraduate students varies considerably by state. In 2011, state aid per student ranged from $16 in Wyoming to $2,553 in South Carolina. Seven states averaged less than $100 per undergraduate student, while 14 provided more than $1,000 per student.
  • Eleven states spent less per student for student financial aid in 2011 than in 2001 (in current dollars), even though the cost of undergraduate education rose rapidly during this period.
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