Appendix to NSB-98-83


MAY 1996 - MAY 1998

Arthur I. Bienenstock, Associate Director for Science, OSTP
Erich Bloch, Distinguished Fellow, Council on Competitiveness, and former NSF Director
William F. Brinkman, Vice President for Physical Sciences, Lucent Technologies, Inc.
Lewis M. Branscomb, former Director, National Bureau of Standards, former Chairman, NSB,
  and currently Aetna Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Management, JFK School
  of Government, Harvard University
Robert Curl, Jr., Rice University (Chemistry Nobelist)
Edward David, Jr., President, EED Inc. and former Science Advisor to the President
James J. Duderstadt, President Emeritus, University of Michigan, and former Chairman, NSB
Vernon J. Ehlers, member of U.S. House of Representatives
Craig Fields, Chair, Defense Science Board
Jacques Gansler, Vice Chair, Defense Science Board
John H. Gibbons, Director, OSTP and Science Advisor to the President
Thomas J. Glauthier, Associate Director, Natural Resoruces, Energy and Science, OMB
Ralph Gomory, Executive Director, Sloan Foundation
Thomas Kalil, Senior Director, National Economic Council
Martha Krebs, Director, Office of Energy Research, DOE
David Lee, Cornell University (Physics Nobelist)
Robert Lichter, Executive Director, Dreyfus Foundation
W. Carl Lineberger, Department of Chemistry and JILA, University of Colorado
Chris Llewellyn-Smith, Director General, CERN
Douglas Osheroff, Stanford University (Physics Nobelist)
Kathleen Peroff, Deputy Associate Director, Energy and Science Division, OMB
Frank Press, Senior Fellow, Carnegie Institution of Washington, President Emeritus of the
  National Academy of Sciences, and former Science Advisor to the President
Ken Prewitt, Executive Director, Social Science Research Council
Frank Raines, Director, OMB
Robert Richardson, Cornell University (Physics Nobelist)
Steve Schiff, members of U.S. House of Representatives
James Sensenbrenner, member of U.S. House of Representatives
George Singley, Acting Director, DDR&E, DOD
Richard Smalley, Rice University (Chemistry Nobelist)
Harold Varmus, Director, NIH

In addition, we had as our guests at our off-site meeting in Houston, Texas, the following individuals:
John Alderete, University of Texas Health Science Center
Thomas Applequist, Dean, Graduate School, Yale University
Marvin Cassman, Director, Institute of General Medicine, NIH
Paul Cuneo, Director of Technology, Shell Oil Products Co., Houston, Texas
James Decker, Deputy Director, Office of Energy Research, DOE
Marye Anne Fox, Vice President for Research, University of Texas at Austin
Malcolm Gillis, President, Rice University
Stuart Rice, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago
David Sanchez, Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M
Brian Schwartz, Senior Assistant to the Executive Director, American Physical Society
Roy Schwitters, Department of Physics, University of Texas at Austin
Michael Smailey, Texas Instruments, Inc. and adjunct professor, Rice University
Arthur Smith, Chancellor/President, University of Houston
Robert Trew, Director of Research, DDR&E, DOD
Karan Watson, Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Texas A&M University
Henry Yang, Chancellor, University of California at Santa Barbara

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